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Fido Fleece Opti Bone Coat
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Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat
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Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog CoatFido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat
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Product Description / See Size Chart Below

Very Limited sizes available!
Collar-to-tail full back Velcro closure This is a retired style...Get them while supplies last.

Really Cool Fido Fleece Opti Bone Fleece Coat at KoolDawgTees. Shop our large selection of Warm Winter Fleece Dog Coats on sale now.

Fido Fleece Opti Bone Coat

Sizing Information

Please do not guess sizes!

Very Important Sizing Information:

The measurements above are the actual measured size of the fleece coat material, Always use a fabric tape measure or a piece of string. Then measure the string with a standard tape measure for best results.

Always leave a little "Wiggle Room", about 1/2 inch for the neck and chest.

Fido Fleece Dog Coats

Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat

Choose from many other Fido Fleece colors and patterns. Choose from many other Fido Fleece colors and patterns.

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Fido Fleece Opti Bone

This style is only one of the original collar-to-tail full back Velcro closure that transformed the pet apparel business also has one of the best guarantees in the pet industry.

This innovative fleece dog coat design is constructed with the best quality fleece for superior protection against cold. This virtually indestructible, fashion-forward coat keeps your dog's vulnerable underbelly protected against possible hypothermia, shielding dogs vital organs from cold by retaining natural body heat. This feature is most important for Teacups and smaller breeds of dogs!

The Warm Fido Fleece Opti Bone dog coat incorporates custom fabric and pattern designs to make sure that every dog wearing Fido Fleece Opti Bone is in style with current fashion trends! Warm 360 gram weight Fido Fleece non-pile, synthetic, easy care fleece material repels dirt, sheds water and even saves energy. Simply hand wash warm and hang dry!

The original, genuine dog fleece coat for fido! Collar-to-tail full back Velcro closure, allows step in ease of use, putting on and taking off.

15 sizes from 8 to 30 with 3 broad chest options, assure a good fit for most every dog breed. The one and only... Genuine Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat at kooldawgtees.com.

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