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My Little Angel Fido Fleece Coat DISCONTINUED

Fido Fleece My Little Angel
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Fido Fleece My Little AngelFido Fleece My Little Angel
Fido Fleece My Little Angel
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Product Description / See Size Chart Below

Fido Fleece Coat-"My Little Angel Print"

We designed and perfected the collar-to-tail back Velcro closure that transformed the pet apparel industry. We paired this innovative design with top-quality fleece, because that's what we choose to wear when the weather gets blustery. This durable, fashion-forward coat keeps a dog's vulnerable underside protected, while our custom fabrics and pattern designs make sure that every dog wearing Fido Fleece is stylin'! Don't settle for an imitation - there's only one Fido Fleece dog coat! Signature collar-to-tail back Velcro closure ensures easy on and off.

Sizing Information

Please do not guess sizes!

Very Important Sizing Information:

The measurements below are the actual measured size of the fleece coat material, Always use a fabric tape measure or a piece of string. Then measure the string with a standard tape measure for best results.

Always leave a little "Wiggle Room", about 1/2 inch for the neck and chest.

Size 8 Chest Girth: 12.5", Length: 8.5"

Size 10 Chest Girth: 15", Length: 10.5"

Size 12 Chest Girth: 17", Length: 13"

Size 12 BC Chest Girth: 21", Length: 13" BC Broad Chest = Bulldogs and Deep Chested Dog Breeds

Size 14 Chest Girth: 20.5", Length: 15"

Size 14 BC Chest Girth: 24", Length: 15" BC = Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Shar Pei. etc.

Size 16 Chest Girth: 22", Length: 17"

Size 16 BC Chest Girth: 25", Length: 17" BC = Pit Bulls, English and American Bulldog, etc.

Size 18 Chest Girth: 26", Length: 20"

Size 20 Chest Girth: 30", Length: 22"

Size 22 Chest Girth: 34", Length: 25"

Size 24 Chest Girth: 38", Length: 26"

Size 26 Chest Girth: 40", Length: 28.5"

Size 28 Chest Girth: 42", Length: 31"

Size 30 Chest Girth: 44", Length: 32.5"