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Q-Tee Stuffed Animals
9 inch tall Plush Animals. Group 3 of 4

Q-Tee Stuffed animals - 9 inch tall size. Group 3
Q-Tee Stuffed animals - 9 inch tall size. Group 3
Item# SSSA-QT-3
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Add your logo on a t-shirt with any of our cute Q-Tee stuffed animals.This Plush animal assortment is available in 9 inch size. 35 really cute plush animals including: Mouse,Tabby Cat,Ducky,Gorilla,Hippo,Zebra,Kangaroo,Monkey,Cheetah,Squirrel,Lamb,Elephant, Donkey,Panda Bear,Blue Teddy Bear,Owl,Alligator,Cow,Pony,Pink Teddy Bear,Lion,Moose,Wolf, Pink Piggy,Fawn Dear, Raccoon,Cougar,White Teddy Bear, Tiger,Dalmatian Dog, Frog,Bunny,Leopard,Koala,Honey Bear,Penguin,Saint Bernard Dog, and a Floppy Eared Yellow-Tan Dog! Call to order for your next Birthday Party or special event. Allow 10 to 15 working days for custom printing.In a Hurry? You may order stuffed animals without printing and will be shipped within 24 hours.718-554-6353