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PetSafe, Puppia, Doggie Design
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PetSafe, Puppia, Doggie Design

Premier Pet, PetSafe, Puppia and Doggie Design Products some of the best known & trusted brands in the pet marketplace offer.
PetSafe products offer a ONE YEAR NON-TRANSFERABLE LIMITED WARRANTY & a 90-day* money-back guarantee.

These well respected pet products offer the best in durability, functionality and trend setting innovation in design. Satisfaction assured!

Keep you Puppy secure with Petsafe Brand Dog Collars, harness, Pet Leashes, Puppia and Doggie Design Soft Dog Harnesses, NCAA Pet Collars, NFL Collars more! Most Collars, Small size Harnesses and Leashes are on sale Now!

Pet Dogs Harnesses: Safe, humane, unique and effective tools that help improve the relationships between people and their pets. We take great pride in offering the Easy Walk Harness and Surefit Harnesses by Premier Pet Products as well as the East Side Collection Madras Plaid Vest & Lead Sets.

Pet Collar Items we stock for quick delivery: Collars By PetSafe / Premier Pet Products: Gentle Leader Head Collar, KeepSafe Break-Away Collar, Premier Pet Martingale Dog Collar & Quick Snap Collars .
Please register all PetSafe Premier PetPet Dogs Collars - Harnesses - Leashes products at www.petsafe.net/register-product for 90-day money-back guarantee to be effective.