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Ruffwear Gear

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Dog Outerwear & gear for your special four legged companion that truly enjoy robust outdoor activities like hiking trails in the mountains or backpacking & camping.
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Rugged, protective canine apparel & accessories for your dog's health & well being.
Positively the best outdoor gear for active Dogs!

Rugged pet products include durable Bark'n Boots. provide extreme canine paw protection!

Warm and versatile outerwear and coats Like Track Jackets, Cloud Chaser™, Quinzee™, Climate Changer™, K-9 Overcoat™ & Safety Jackets as well as accessories like
Top Quality Dog Packs & Hiking Backpacks for your Pooch

The K-9 Overcoat, Cloud Chaser and Climate Changer are of the best customer rated canine specific coats on the market today!
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Performance Dog Gear Ruffwear at KoolDawgTees.com
Ruffwear Performance gear for dogs designed to further improve the quality of outdoor escapades for active, enthusiastic, adventurous canines and their human companions.
We also offer pet harnesses, hiking back packs and much more like... The innovative Beacon safety light for dogs, Toys for Play time activity items like: TurnUp, Gourdo, SquareBall, Sqwash Plus Ruff Wear's Dog Collars and Leashes.

Dog Coats for outdoor activity Quinzee™, Powder Hound™, Cloud Chaser™, Climate Changer™, K-9 Overcoat™, the new Sun Shower™, Swamp Cooler™ & Track Jacket™

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Ruffwear 2016 - 2017

Products Are Here and ready to order!

New Fall/Winter 2016-2017 line of products now available at www.kooldawgtees.com/ruff-wear.html starting August 1st 2016.
Ruffwear at KoolDawgTees.
Introducing Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear.
Performance Dog Gear, Dog Outerwear & gear for dogs that truly enjoy robust outdoor activities.

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