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Pet Apparel

Pet Apparel & Dog Clothing
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Pet Apparel & Dog ClothingPet Apparel & Dog Clothing
Pet Apparel & Dog Clothing
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Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall

pets clothing & outfits for Summer Fun, Winter Warmth, Style and Safety

Shop kooldawgtees.com, big and small Warmer Weather Outdoor Pet Clothing and Gear

Cold and Wet Conditions Winter Pet Protection
Shop for deals on Cozy and Dry Coats to Boots for Paw protection on those snowy cold Winter Days.

Our Large selection of four season Pet supplies designed to help protect your pet from insects and injury and the elements regardless the time of year in your part of the World. Pet Apparel at kooldawgtees.com. Big and small high fashion designer Dog Clothing and supplies.

Fast Free shipping on pet clothing and most items from KoolDawgTees. Shop our large selection of Big and Small dog clothes from the top designer name brands available.

Doggles - Dog Eye Protection

Doggles Eye Protection

Shop the #1 Dog goggles Online and save with FREE SHIPPING in USA!
Dog Goggles are canine sunglasses, protective eye wear for dogs with shatterproof lens + UV protection designed just for your K-9 Pals unique physiology and shape.
Besides looking cool on dogs, these goggles for dogs protect your Pet's delicate eyes from the elements like dust, dirt and debris, also great for Dog Motorcycle Goggles and helps prevent snow blindness too.

Dog Goggles

are available in a variety of styles:
ILS,Interchangeable Lens System, Originalz, K-9 Optix and K-9 Optix Rubber.
All styles offer UV protection for pets dogs, which is helpful and useful for Pannus and other Dogs eye diseases that require protection from harmful UV rays.
Motorcycle Helmet

Dog Helmet

Pet-dog helmet fit most every dog or pet.
Sit Stay! Fetch best prices and great selection of Dog Helmets. Fast free shipping at KoolDawgTees

Pet-Dog Helmet

Available in sizes XS,(4 Inch), Small,(5 Inch) and Medium,(6 Inch) accommodating most every size dog breed! Helmet Colors: Black, White and Pastel Pink.

The Pet-"Dog Helmet" is designed for comfort, it does not rest flat on the head. Dog Helmet is is ideal for use as a dog motorcycle helmet for Biker Outings with your pet.

All Pet Dog Helmet includes customizable foam pads that fit between the ears, not over them, preventing the Dog Helmet from pushing the ears flat to the head.

Dog Helmet Features dual adjustable chin strap for a secure custom fit.

The Pet Dog Helmet is made for almost any pet, dog, cat or other pets. The Pet Dog Helmet is ideal for blind pets with impaired vision to protect from head injury.

This helmet is for use ONLY as a novelty and protective device on dogs!
Dog Shirts
Sit Stay! Fetch best prices and great selection of Dog Shirts with fast free shipping at KoolDawgTees.

Dog Shirts

Dog Dresses

Dresses for Dogs

Cute Dog Dresses, Puppy, Teacup, Designer Dog Dresses. Dog Dresses to Dress up the Girl Dogs with designer style. Dog dresses for any or all special occasions or just for fun!

Choose from a nice variety of Dog Dresses to make your little one feel special! Shop for Casual Canine Back To School Jumper Dress, Custom Cheerleader Dog Dress can be worn as a Costume or Team Outfit, Doggles Biker Dog Dress and Vest,Dog Dresses by East Side Collection, Zack & Zoey, Doggie Design Dresses and More!

Bonus...Play Cute Doggy Dress Up Free, Safe for Kids! See link at Bottom of this page.

Dog Life Vests
Free Shipping

On Sale: PetSafe and Ruffwear, Sierra Dog Supply, guardian gear Dog Life Vest and Life Jackets

While supplies last!
Shop a variety of quality Dog Life Jackets, Dog Life Vest by PetSafe, Premier Pet's Fido Float, Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat and More.
Make Pet Water Safety a priority for you best Pal!
Dog Motorcycle Gear
See More Dog Shirts

Biker Dog Gear

American Biker Dog Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Dog Clothes, Jackets, Helmets, Goggles, Tank Tops, Dogs Motorcycle Vests and Dresses.
Dog Panties

Doggie Design Dog Panties with ruffles

Shop Save with Free Shipping at KoolDawgTees

Puppy panties are ideal for female dogs in heat!
A Fashionably Functional garment to aid in containing an age old dilemma of spotting.

These Cute Re-usable pants are made of easy care Fabric. Content is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester and are machine washable.
The thick elastic around the legs and waist keep the pants securely in place assisted by Velcro style closure at the side.

Please note: When dogs are in the estrus cycle... Additional sanitary pads are recommended and are sold separately.
 Doggie Skins Shirts

Doggie Skins Fashion Dog Shirts

Available in Ringer T-shirts, Hoodies, Golf Shirts Tank Tops and More!
Dog Hoodies
Versatile casual outerwear with unlimited fashion possibilities. Most hooded sweatshirts feature treat pockets with flexible, comfortable sleeves. For use in Fall and Winter
Warm and soft sweats have fleece inner shells to ward off Winter chills.
Available in variety of colors and styles for lounging indoors or outdoor activity.
Dog Coats Jackets Sweatshirts

Dog Coats Jackets & Sweatshirts

Ships Fast Free Warm Dog Coats -Jackets -Sweatshirt Sale We feature the Best Brand Names made specifically for retaining warmth for your Pet against winter cold.

Dog Coats

Authorized Retailer
Highline Fleece, PetSafe™ & Ruffwear™ Plus Casual Canine, Zack & Zoey, Fido Fleece and more.
Enjoy Free shipping on all Warm Dog Coats Jackets Sweatshirts. Shop large selection.
Fido Fleece
Shop Now for a full selection of Fido Fleece products including Dog Coats, Dog Boots and more

Fido Fleece Products

Free Shipping for all Fleece Coats, Boots, Life Vest, Jackets, Collars & Leashes
Dog-Tested: The original tail-to-collar opening and Velcro closure makes all Fido dog coats easy to put on and take off ... Even on a squirming dog.
Hot Feature! These unique dog coats protect and keep warm the vulnerable belly of dogs.
Did you know? Owners love the colors and patterns of our Fleece dog coat products.
Fact:Polar fleece material is the cold weather fabric of choice for people, and dog owners love to dress their pets in their favorite fabrics.
Great news! Fleece sheds water, repels dirt and is easy to clean!
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Fido Fleece FID-PROD-PS
Enjoy Free Shipping on Ruffwear Performance gear for dogs


Dog Outerwear & gear for your special four legged companion that truly enjoy robust outdoor activities like hiking trails in the mountains or backpacking & camping.
Featuring Ruffwear Performance gear for dogs with exclusive Free Shipping on all Ruffwear only at KoolDawgTees.
Rugged, protective canine apparel & accessories for your dog's health & well being.
Positively the best outdoor gear for active Dogs!

Rugged pet products include durable Bark'n Boots. provide extreme canine paw protection!

Warm and versatile outerwear and coats Like Track Jackets, Cloud Chaser™, Quinzee™, Climate Changer™, K-9 Overcoat™ & Safety Jackets as well as accessories like
Top Quality Dog Packs & Hiking Backpacks for your Pooch

The K-9 Overcoat, Cloud Chaser and Climate Changer are of the best customer rated canine specific coats on the market today!
See all Ruffwear Gear
K9 Sport Apparel
Officially Licensed Sports Jerseys and game day clothing.

Our ever expanding Line of Officially Licensed Pet Sportswear includes:

NFL Football Jerseys


MLB Jerseys

NCAA Cheer Dress, NASCAR Race Day outfits, NBL, NHL.

Shop Apparel for Popular NFL Football Team Jerseys , Pet t-shirts, cheerleader dress, NFL outfits, Jackets and sweaters for your pets. On Sale! Now available for all 32 National Football Clubs featuring NFL Fan Favorites: Cowboys , Packers , Giants , Steelers , Patroits , Bears , Saints , 49ers, Eagles, Broncos, Colts and many more!

MLB Pet Baseball Apparel - We Offer all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams. Dress your pet dog with game day sports gear. All dog baseball jerseys, MLB dog coats, tees, t-shirts on sale now!. All MLB dog clothes ideal for small to medium size dogs.

NCAA Colleges and Universities Pet Outfits are Alphabetically listed from Alabama Crimson Tide through West Virginia University.
Warm Dog Coats Fleece Sweaters & Jackets
Add an extra layer of protection to your dog and keep those Winter chills at bay. Our large selection of popular brand name winter outerwear will protect your pet from the cold, wind and moisture, keeping your pet healthy.
Paw Boots
Paw Protection from chemicals and the elements!

Booties for dogs who hike, bike, run, or explore the great outdoors. Give your dogs everyday traction and paw protection from hot or cold temperatures, snow, abrasive surfaces & salt or other potentially harmful chemicals.
Dog's snow boots and shoes come are essential for improving mobility in ice or snow, particularly in aging K-9 adventurers.
Canine Hats - Caps
Dog Hats Featuring brand names like: Dogg Biker Fashion Dog Hat, Motorcycle Riding Cap, Dogg Winter Knits Hats, East Side Collection Gingham Baseball Pet Caps, East Side Collection Madras Plaid Visors and K9 Kaps for Dogs
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Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodies
Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodies are made from soft poly/cotton for a comfortable, cozy fit.

Available in Seven bright colors.

A mix of basic and bold bright colors you won’t find anywhere else.
Zack & Zoey Fleece Lined Hoodies
Zack and Zoey® Fleece-Lined Dog Hoodies are for dogs that need their basics covered.

Available in four classic colors. hooded Dogs sweatshirt features a cozy white fleece lining with ribbed sleeves and waistband, Velcro placket for comfortable cozy fit.
Dog Hoodies
Versatile casual outerwear with unlimited fashion possibilities. Most hooded sweatshirts feature treat pockets with flexible, comfortable sleeves. For use in Fall and Winter
Warm and soft sweats have fleece inner shells to ward off Winter chills.
Available in variety of colors and styles for lounging indoors or outdoor activity.
Dog Costumes
Shop & Save on Dog Halloween Costumes, Holiday Outfits, Formal Wear.
Dog Costumes are Ideal for Halloween, Birthdays, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Confirmations and special occasions.

Free Shipping at KoolDawgTees.

Dogs are Kids too!
Parties, Celebrations Halloween and Holidays can be a fun time for all family members, including your FurKids.
Your best Pal will revel in the attention they get dressed up in whimsical Halloween or holiday outfits.
Double the fun by matching your Kids Halloween outfits with your pets.
Don't be surprised if your pet comes back from trick or treating with a bag full of goodies once they figure out the routine!
Guardian Gear Insect Shield Shirts
Great for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors. T-shirt is treated with Insect Shield to repel fleas, ticks (including those that may carry Lyme disease) flies and mosquitoes.

Available in Two-Tone Pink and Blue

Pet Apparel & Dog Clothing

for dogs in every size and breed. Our Dog Clothes Fit teacups & dogs to 100 plus Lbs. at KoolDawgTees.com.
Always Free Shipping for all of our fashionable, functional apparel & clothing styles for every season! Shop our most popular dog clothing now for best selection in designer puppy dog apparel for your doggie Pal at KoolDawgTees.

Keep your pet safe and fashionable with our current selection of functional puppy clothes.

Shop for Pet Life Vests, Doggles and other protective pet apparel and accessories.

Shopping our unique line of essential accessories for pets including, motorcycle riding dogs, biker outfits and helmets is fun and easy!
Help keep your puppy safe while at play in the water, boating or on the road.
Pet Apparel Always Fast Free Shipping on all orders at Kooldawgtees.
Kooldawgtees Your Online Big & Small Pet Apparel Store!