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Dog Clothes Sizing - Pet Accessory Sizing

Dog Clothing is available in a large variety of styles as well as different types of applications of apparel and accessories for your four legged Pals!

Choosing the proper size for your dog whether a small toy or a medium to large breed can be confusing.

Please measure your dog carefully!

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We have conveniently located dog clothes and accessories size charts on each product page for your reference.

Please refer to each individual dog clothes size chart, located on each product page to assure proper fit. Please do not guess sizes.

Each Pet Apparel manufacturer has their own unique sizing methods. Some pet clothing makers utilize numbers in their sizes like Fido Fleece,uses 8 through 30, with some broad chest sizes. Other pet clothiers will use standard sizing such as xx-small through xxx-Large and so on.

Proper fit is very important for dogs. Wearing garments takes some conditioning for some pets while others take to it without any distress at all. Comfort is king, if a pet's ability to move freely is restricted it can cause anxiety and stress.

If garments are too tight this can restrict or interfere with movement and most importantly breathing.

Smaller breed dogs are more susceptible to hypothermia during Winter Season and prolonged exposure to cold, it is very important to keep their vital organs and belly area warm. Garments that are too tight may restrict your dogs ability to breath properly and could cause pneumonia, while outfits that are too loose can be unsafe by getting tangled in your dog’s legs or by blocking their vision.

Like us humans, most dogs vary in size and build. Dogs of the same breed have a wide variations in size. Choosing pet apparel size based on you dog's breed is not a good idea.

Regardless of your dogs breed, The three most important measurements for your pet are typically the girth, (measuring all the around the dogs body), just behind the front legs, while standing on all fours. The length, (from the collar to the beginning of the tail), and if measuring your dog for collars, as well as some clothing the neck measurement as if measuring for a collar is important, (all the way around the neck).

We recommend using a tape measure made of fabric for best results. If you do not have a fabric tape measure, cut a length of string or even news paper, then measure with a standard tape measure or yard stick.