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Features and benefits of Fido Fleece Dog Coats

Why Choose "Fido Fleece" Dog Coats over another brand?

Features and Benefits of Fido Fleece Dog Coats.

 Dog-Tested Fido Fleece 

Exclusive tail-to-collar opening and Velcro closure makes all Fido Fleece dog coats easy to put on and take off ... Even on a squirming dog.

Fido Fleece Durability:   Time tested Fido Fleece wear like your favorite denim jacket, you just can't wear them out!  

The 280 gram weight anti-pilling fleece material these coats art made of  will provide your best Pal with many years of toasty warm protection from Winters elements. Fido Fleece's 100% polyester material is a synthetic man made material and a better fabric for a dog coat. Polyester fabrics naturally repel moisture and dirt making Fido Fleece easy to care for and require less maintenance than natural fabrics like cotton or wool. 

How to clean your Fido Fleece Dog Coat:

Cleaning your Fido Fleece coat is as simple and energy efficient!
Simply turn the coat inside out, close the Velcro closure, machine wash or hand wash with cold water, tumble dry on cool setting or hang to dry, done!

Hot Feature! Fido Fleece coats protect and keep warm the vulnerable belly and chest of dogs.

Benefit: Keeping your Pups under belly and chest covered reduces the risk of contracting hypothermia in cooler to cold weather,  particularly in short hair dogs and smaller breeds, especially "tea cups"and miniatures like "minpins", Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas and the like.

Fact: Your Dogs underbelly and chest area contains many vital organs that are vulnerable to cold like the, the heart and lungs, liver, kidneys and digestive track. These vital organs of your pet dog are most susceptible to cold and require protection from cold temperatures for long durations of time. 

Fido Fleece Dog Coats offer a superior Fit and are specifically designed to follow your dog's body shape and contours to prevent twisting of the garment and stepping out of the coat.  The unique Velcro Closure allows for hassle free minor adjustments.

How to measure your Pet Dog for a Fido Fleece Coat

Correctly fitting your dog requires two measurements:

  1. Length of your dog from its collar to base of its tail.(least important)
  2. Most Importantly... Measure the distance around the girth from just behind the front legs. Dog must be standing square as shown in order to get proper measurement. (most important measurement).
  3. Very Important: Use the corresponding size chart for each different Fido Fleece Coat, located on the same page as the Fido Fleece coat you are interested in to find the right size. Some Fido Fleece are cut a bit different than others.Unlike our competitors in the business... We at kooldawgtees.com, have gone to great lengths to actually measure each and every Fido Fleece Dog coat to assure the most accurate fit possible.
  4.  If you are not sure of how to measure, please call KoolDawgTees at 718-554-6353. We will do our best to assure you are measuring your dog properly to fit his or her Fido Fleece coat. 
  5.  Please do not guess sizes!
Fido Fleece Dog Coats are Warm and Odor resistant, do not snag,  fade  or stretch, repel dirt shed water and if they get wet, dry very quickly.

Our Best selling and most requested dog coat year after year!
See the entire collection of  Fido Fleece at  http://www.kooldawgtees.com/fido-fleece.html