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RuffWear Dog Coats

RuffWear Dog Coats: Quinzee, K-9 Overcoat, Cloud Chaser, Climate Changer, Track Jacket and Swamp Cooler. RuffWear Dog gear
When the Best is just not good enough look to Performance Dog Coats & Gear including: Cloud Chaser™ is a storm-ready soft shell jacket.
Quinzee™ offers warm, lightweight insulation.
Climate Changer™ features insulation from the cold.
K-9 Overcoat™ cold-weather protection. Designed to be warm and durable this coat is wind and water-resistant.
Track Jacket™ blaze a visible trail. This RuffWear safety jacket for dogs offers ultimate visibility in low-light conditions.

RuffWear Dog Coats and Ruff Wear Gear

KoolDawgTees is proud to offer rugged outdoor dog coats and performance wear by RuffWear, These durable all weather RuffWear jackets and Dog Coats include: RuffWear Quinzee, K-9 Overcoat, Cloud Chaser, Climate Changer, Track Jacket and Swamp Cooler. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How cold is too cold for your dog?

The answer can be tricky!

Dogs, like people vary in size and weight and natural insulation like body fat.

Different dog breeds have different amounts and layers of of fur or hair,Their activity levels may be different, age, weight, and cold tolerance weight in also.

When temperatures go below freezing, consider whether your dog(s) will benefit from an extra layer of protection against the cold wind and or rain. We also recommend foot protection be provided to you best Pal when the ground freezes. If you notice your dog prancing around or avoiding putting their paws down on cold ground, this is a prime indication that your dog's paws may not be as cold tolerant as you thought and may need paw protection like Bark-n-Boots dog boots or other paw protection!

Factors that may affect cold tolerance in dogs:

A Dog’s Coat

generally speaking, dogs with an undercoat (such as Alaskan Huskies, Labs and others) can play in the snow up to 30 minutes without harm, but even Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes can feel the effects of cold temperatures if they are not accustomed to the cold temperatures. Single-coated and short-coated dogs such as Boxers and Bullmastiffs have a low tolerance to cold weather, and a coat is recommended in temperatures approaching freezing. Remember that wind chill, rain, and snow can lower a dog’s temperature even further.

A Dog’s Age

Very young and very old dogs are also sensitive to cold temperatures, and may lack the agility and coordination to walk on icy surfaces. A boot/jacket combination is recommended for these dogs. Cold temperatures can also activate arthritis, so be sensitive to older dogs or dogs with health issues.

A Dog’s Weight

Dogs under 20 pounds are generally more susceptible to hypothermia. They have less fat and are generally closer to the ground, making them more prone to chill. For these breeds, full-coverage body protection, such as that found on our Cloud Chaser™ storm jacket, is recommended.

Symptoms of hypothermia in dogs:

• Shivering • Stiff muscles • Low pulse and respiration rate • Cold to touch (body temperature below 95°F or 35°C) • Lethargy which eventually leads to unconsciousness

Treatment of hypothermia in dogs:

1. Move animal to shelter 2. Cover with warm blankets 3. Give dog a warm liquid/sugar mixture to drink 4. Call your veterinarian

Prevention of hypothermia is key to avoiding injury. To keep your dog warm when the mercury falls, be sure to arm your dog with the essentials in cold weather gear. Our recommendations include Fido Fleece coats, Ruff Wear Grip Trex™ Boots, Bark’n Boot Liners™, and a Cloud Chaser™ or K9 Overcoat™ and 1Z Harness dog coat.

Ruff Wear Winter Dog Coats Comparison

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